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Our telephone answering service can...

Cover your reception

Cover your reception or any other department you outsource to us

Deliver fantastic PA

Screen all calls, only forwarding the calls you want

Take messages from your customers

Take messages or specific information from your customers

Provide customer service

Offer customer service or advice and information from your FAQ's

Take orders or payments from your customers

Take orders & payments from your customers. Learn more

Dedicated overflow

Be your dedicated overflow to cover busy times, holiday or sickness

Take bookings or appointments

Take bookings or appointments and add them directly to your calendar

Detailed information gathering

Ask detailed questions and capture the callers responses

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Whether you're a one-man-band that receives a few calls a day or a multi-national receiving 100s of calls a day, we have a package that's right for your business and budget.

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With Pocket Receptionist, you’ll never miss another sale again and worries about staff sick days, holidays, wages, pension contributions or job interviews will become a thing of the past.

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Our telephone answering service has...

Saved UK businesses

Saved customers being on hold for

8,261,238 secs
An average answer time of
22.36 secs
Only pay for the number od calls you need

Call handling services for your business

Choose to forward all your calls, or only your unanswered calls to our amazing team of receptionists. Pocket Receptionist is like having your own receptionist. You have complete control over your inbound calls and our dedicated real-time notification system allows you to be in constant communication with your team of receptionists via your mobile device. Update you status with a single click, informing you receptionist when you enter a meeting or are in the car, it’s seamless, fast and effective.

The combination of innovative and constantly improving call handling technology plus our amazing team of people to personally answer your calls is what makes Pocket Receptionist the no. 1 choice for so many UK and International companies.

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