Who is AnswerConnect?

AnswerConnect are a telephone answering service company based in Edinburgh. They offer virtual receptionist, message taking, call forwarding, order management and appointment taking services.

AnswerConnect packages and prices

AnswerConnect have a total of 8 pricing plans, based on the number of minutes included in each of them. Only the first two plans (incl. 200 and 275 minutes), have a setup fee of £49.99. The other packages are free to set up.

Every plan involves the same features: appointment setting, message taking, call transferring, call forwarding, order taking, and email & SMS alerts.

The table below displays each plan’s pricing:

Minutes included Monthly cost Cost per additional minute
Intro 200 £149 89p
Basic 275 £199 89p
Best Value 350 £225 89p
Standard 500 £349 89p
Medium 1050 £699 89p
Large 1550 £999 89p
2000 2000 £1,250 89p
3250 3250 £1,999 89p

AnswerConnect vs. Pocket Receptionist comparison

Both products offer the same standard features one can expect from a quality call handling service. The notable exclusions are the free web chat service from AnswerConnect, and the Pocket Receptionist smartphone app.

The web chat service can be integrated to the client’s website so their customers can chat with the company, if this is their preferred method of communication. It is a useful service, as it expands the user’s presence to the online world.

What AnswerConnect lack, however, and Pocket Receptionist have, is a smartphone app that is a key part of the whole Pocket Receptionist system. The app’s strongest characteristic is that it allows you to receive real-time call notifications on your mobile phone from your receptionist. The idea is to give you the opportunity to deal with particularly important calls on the spot, if, of course, you are free to take them yourself.

Conducting a pricing comparison between AnswerConnect and Pocket Receptionist could be a bit of a challenging task. The reason for this is that AnswerConnect charge per number of minutes involved in each plan, and Pocket Receptionist’s packages are formed by bundles of calls.

However, there are 3 plans we can compare directly, if we convert the number of calls into minutes, bearing in mind that statistics shows that a call usually lasts just under two minutes.

The PR100 package is priced at £140 vs. AnswerConnect’s 200 minutes plan that costs £149.

PR500 costs £625 and AnswerConnect’s 1050 minutes package costs £699.

PR1000 is priced at £1,220, while AnswerConnect’s 2000-minute tariff is £1,250.

Overall, Pocket Receptionist have packages covering between 15 and 3000 calls, and AnswerConnect’s minutes bundles could be amounted to calls in the range between 100 and 1700.

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