Answer-4u vs Pocket Receptionist

Who are Answer-4u?

Nottingham-based Answer-4u are specialized in providing businesses with telephone answering services.

Answer-4u packages and prices

There are two main packages presented by Answer-4u – the 777 Service and the Flexi Service.

777 Service

With 777 the customers receive a virtual PA to take calls in their company name 24/7, 365. The package is relatively basic as the receptionist just takes a message for you and sends you either an email or a SMS text notification. This ensures that incoming calls will be answered but there is not much more to be done with them.

Answer-4u charge 77p. per call when you sign up for the 777 service together with the £7.70 monthly fee. Getting your message delivered via SMS costs extra 7p. per message, and via email – 5p.

It is noteworthy to mention that if you need a number from Answer-4u, they can provide you with one, but the costs go up to 92p. per call.

There is no setup fee.

Flexi Service

The Flexi Service, as the name suggests, is a more flexible package. It delivers customized call handling and puts the client in charge of the way his calls are taken. The user can write up his own script for the receptionists to follow when speaking to customers.

Call forwarding is available as an optional add-on to the package. If you choose to take advantage of the service, your virtual PA will directly transfer the call to you so you personally deal with it straight away.

The Flexi Service pricing varies. Along with the regular costs calculated per call, the user is given the option to choose call bundles if this will suit him better.

You can find a breakdown of the prices below:
£1.10 per call
£14.99 monthly cost
Extra 5p. per SMS message delivery
Extra 7p. per email notification

Available bundles:

25 calls cost £26.50 per month
50 calls are priced at £51.50 per month
100 calls cost £99 per month

As with the 777 Service, getting a virtual number from Answer-4u incurs another 15p per call and makes the total cost £1.25.

If you want to use the call forwarding service, you will need to pay a 10p. connection fee per call and another 10p./15p. per minute depending on whether the call is forwarded to a landline or a mobile.

Again, there is no setup fee.

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What are the advantages of Pocket Receptionist?

Pocket Receptionist app

We are especially proud of our free Pocket Receptionist smartphone app. It is part of the Pocket Receptionist system, which aims at offering an all-round call handling experience to our customers. The app allows the user to get real-time notifications on his mobile phone, as opposed to the less reliable emails. We acknowledge that the new technologies enable traders to run their business with a single swipe on their screen. Our users can easily manage their account on the app and what is more important, can take incoming calls without delay.

Choose from the variety of our packages

We match the variety of features we offer with flexibility in our packages. We are driven by the idea that we have to give our clients a choice. For this reason, we established a number of packages depending on the amount of calls our users receive monthly.

We offer 4 packages for the range between 15 and 100 calls. This is particularly good for smaller businesses or start-ups that are still unsure of the load of calls they will be taking each month.

Pocket Receptionist have also taken care of developing packages covering from 300 to 3000 calls for those whose lines are considerably busier.

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