Armchair Call Handling vs Pocket Receptionist

What does Armchair Call Handling offer?

Armchair provides call handling services to businesses of any size.

Armchair customers get a virtual receptionist answering calls and taking messages, which are then relayed via email or SMS. Incoming calls can also be forwarded directly to the customer, if necessary.

Setting up an account with Armchair is free, and there are no fixed contracts being signed. The client is charged on a rolling basis every month.

Armchair packages & pricing

The customer can select one of the four plans, offered by Armchair – Starter; Business; Business +; Enterprise.

Starter Plan
This package includes 15 call minutes and costs £36 per month. For excess minutes, Armchair charges 1.79p per second.

Business Plan
The Business Plan includes more minutes – 25, and is priced at £52 / month. Once the inclusive minutes are talked away, the charge per second is 1.59p.

Business + Plan
The plan includes 50 minutes and costs £113 per month. Out-of-bundle calls are then charged 1.37p / second.

The largest package, offered by Armchair costs £183 / month and has 75 inclusive call minutes. Following excess calls cost 1.32p per second.

Starter Business Business+ Enterprise
Monthly fee £36 £52 £113 £183
Inclusive minutes 15 25 50 75
Excess charges 1.79p / second 1.59p / second 1.37p / second 1.32p / second

Additional costs apply when calls are forwarded to you. There is a connection fee of 10p + 10p / minute.

Comparing Armchair to Pocket Receptionist

Pocket Receptionist holds a significant advantage over Armchair in the pricing department.

Armchair’s smallest package contains only 15 inclusive minutes which amount to less than 10 calls. Usually a phone call lasts just under 2 minutes, which means that an Armchair user is expected to have between 8 and 10 calls answered for a price of £36.

At the same time Pocket Receptionist’s smallest bundle – PR 15 – covers 15 calls at the cost of £35 / month.

Similar calculation can be made for the other Armchair packages.

Let’s take the Enterprise plan, which covers 75 minutes, or some 35-40 calls. It is priced at the astonishing £183 / month. For £140 per month, you can get the PR 100 package, which includes 100 inbound calls.

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