Best Reception vs Pocket Receptionist

Who are Best Reception?

Best Reception provide telephone answering and virtual receptionist services. Best Reception agents can simply take messages on behalf of clients, or perform more advanced functions, such as appointment booking. Best Reception also offer a virtual switchboard feature enabling the users to have their calls transferred to more than one redirect.

Best Reception pricing

You can choose one of the four packages tailored by Best Reception.

The Essential Plan

The Essential plan involves basic message taking service and starts from £30 per month for 34 inclusive calls. The tariff is determined by the number of contacts in your organisations, and the more you have, the higher the pricing becomes. For a maximum of 10 contacts, the monthly fee is £60 and it includes 67 calls. And up to 15 contacts with 100 inclusive calls are priced at £90 per month.

The Classic Plan

The Classic package is Best Reception’s most popular plan. It allows the user to devise their own script for the receptionists to follow, with a view to extract as much relevant information from the callers as possible. The table below displays the pricing for the different bundles of calls included.

Monthly fee Inclusive calls Cost per extra call
£40 25 £1.40
£80 60 £1.30
£160 130 £1.20
£240 220 £1.10
£400 400 £1.00
£600 650 £0.90
£800 1000 £0.80

Appointments Plan

If you want to add appointment booking to what your receptionist can do for you, you have to choose the Appointments plan, outlined below.

Monthly fee Inclusive calls Cost per extra call
£40 15 £1.60
£70 45 £1.60
£120 80 £1.50
£240 165 £1.45
£360 260 £1.40
£480 370 £1.30
£600 480 £1.25
£800 700 £1.15
£1,000 1000 £1.00

Switchboard pricing

The most advanced Best Reception package offers a virtual switchboard service that lets the users choose multiple redirects calls might be diverted to. The Switchboard pricing can be found below.

Monthly fee Inclusive calls Cost per extra call
£250 250 £1.00
£500 550 £0.90
£750 900 £0.80
£1,000 1250 £0.75
£2,000 2800 £0.70

Best Reception vs. Pocket Receptionist comparison

Pocket Receptionist differs from most of its competitors (Best Reception included) because we offer all our features at once, i.e. we do not divide our services into different pricing categories. Pocket Receptionist is more than a simple message taking service, therefore it is not worth comparing with either the Essential or Classic packages. It is Best Reception’s Appointments plan that includes everything Pocket Receptionist does, thus it is the package we should use to compare with our service.

There is little overlap between the bundles of calls included in each product’s packages, but we can calculate that the cost per call for Pocket Receptionist’ smaller packages is lower than what Best Reception can offer. For instance, the bundle including 80 calls is priced at £120 (£1.50 per call), while Pocket Receptionist’s PR60 and PR100 cost £87 and £140, respectively, i.e., £1.45 and £1.40 per call. Best Reception then tend to level the average cost per call towards the larger packages.

While the virtual switchboard is a service Pocket Receptionist does not offer at the moment, we can compensate with the Pocket Receptionist app. Available for iOS and Android devices, the user can use it to receive real-time call notifications and have calls transferred to them live.

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