Face For Business vs Pocket Receptionist

How are Face for Business services categorized?

Face For Business have three different packages to choose from.

The Message Only service represents simple call answering and message taking. Your receptionist will only send you the caller’s name and number by email or SMS.

The Inclusive Minutes package is a more advanced service as more specific call details can be recorded and processed to the client. Information about your company and services can be shared with your callers and you can instruct your virtual PA to ask specific questions for you to understand the nature of the call better. Importantly, transferring the call is available with this service.

The All-In PA provides with a Lead PA who will act as your receptionist and transfer the calls to the most appropriate person in your business. You can have your calls transferred to mobiles and extension numbers, which is an upgrade of the other two services.

FFB pricing

For a more lurid view of the FFB’s tariffs, we will display them in tables below.

Message Only

Monthly price Cost per additional message
Message 30 (30 messages) £42 £1.40
Message 50 (50 messages) £65 £1.30
Message 75 (75 messages) £100 £1.30
Message 100 (100 messages) £125 £1.30
Message 150 (150 messages) £180 £1.20
Message 200 (200 messages) £220 £1.10
Message 300 (300 messages) £320 £1.10
Message 400 (400 messages) £425 £1.10

Inclusive Minutes

Minutes included Monthly fee Charge per excess minute
50 £45 £0.90
100 £85 £0.85
150 £120 £0.80
250 £187 £0.75
500 £350 £0.70

All-in PA

Monthly fee Cost per additional call
All In 30 (30 calls) £60 £1.90
All In 50 (50 calls) £95 £1.90
All In 75 (75 calls) £125 £1.70
All In 100 (100 calls) £160 £1.60
All In 150 (150 calls) £235 £1.60
All In 200 (200 calls) £300 £1.50
All In 300 (300 calls) £440 £1.50
All In 400 (400 calls) £570 £1.40

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Comparison between Pocket Receptionist and Face for Business

The features that complement the virtual receptionist services are similar for both Pocket Receptionist and FFB.

One notable advantage we possess, though, is the Pocket Receptionist smartphone app, you can download on both iOS and Android devices. We are convinced that we should lay the quickest route to dealing with important calls before you. We revamped the app to send you real-time call notifications so you can take the most urgent calls yourself if you can.

Our pricing does not depend on whether we only take messages for you or act as a fully-integrated associate to your business, as is the case with FFB. They have divided their pricing based on the features every package involves.

Simple message taking is a rather limited service, and we have always had in mind to promote Pocket Receptionist as a valuable product with no additional cost for extra features. Every user is treated with the same level of consideration from our receptionists, so we can give the client the most workable service worth their money.

For this reason, we see only the All-In PA and the Inclusive Minutes packages as serious competitors.

If we were to convert the number of calls that can be handled in a set number of minutes, we could more easily compare the PR tariffs with those of the Inclusive Minutes service.

Having taken an incalculable amount of calls, we have reached the conclusion that most calls’ length averages just under 2 minutes. This means that 100 talk minutes equal a maximum of 55 calls. The FFB’s Inclusive Minutes tariff sits at £85 per month for 100 minutes (or up to 55 calls). The PR60 package, including 60 calls, is priced at £87.

As for the All-In PA service, the comparison is much easier. If you were taking up to 30 calls per month, the PR30 package will cost you £45 and the All In 30 - £60. The proportion remains the same for the larger bundles of calls.

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