Message Direct vs Pocket Receptionist

See how Pocket Receptionist compares with Message Direct

Message Direct provide telephone answering services for UK businesses. Their product involves message taking, telephone answering, overflow call handling, emergency response and holiday and temporary cover.

Message Direct pricing

Message Direct charge per bundles of minutes:
20 minutes - £19.20
30 minutes - £28.80
40 minutes - £38.40
50 minutes - £48.00
100 minutes - £96.00

Excess calls are charged at the rate of £0.96 per minute.

Extra charges comparison between Message Direct and Pocket Receptionist

Setup fee Additional call charges Call transfer charges SMS text notification
Pocket Receptionist £0 From £1.50 per call 6p / minute to a landline;
15p / minute to a mobile
5p / text
Message Direct £50 £0.96 per minute 30p / minute 12p / text

Message Direct vs. Pocket Receptionist package cost comparison

As Message Direct charge per minutes and Pocket Receptionist do it per call bundles, we have to convert a set amount of minutes into calls to create a comprehensible comparison.

The Pocket Receptionist data shows that the calls we take have an average length of just under 2 minutes. This means that if we divide the number of minutes from the Message Direct plans into two, we will get the approximate number of calls they involve.

The analysis shows that Message Direct are slightly cheaper for the packages that involve few calls / minutes. Our PR15 package can be compared to the 30-minute tariff from Message Direct. For a similar number of calls our competitors offer their services for £28.80, and our starting price is £35.00.

However, the larger each package becomes, the more affordable Pocket Receptionist services become. The plan that involves 100 minutes from Message Direct costs £96.00 and involves around 50 calls. The PR60 package (60 calls covered) is priced at £87.00.

Message Direct vs. Pocket Receptionist additional costs comparison

Message Direct have an initial setup fee of £50.00, unlike Pocket Receptionist who require no payment upon signing up.

The additional call charges are also likely to be higher with Message Direct.

If a call lasts longer than 1 minute (which happens all the time), the rate goes up to £1.92. Pocket Receptionist charges per call, regardless of its length, and the normal prices are £1.50 and £1.70 (depending on the package you have selected). Only for the PR15 tariff, the additional call charge is £2.50 per call.

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