Moneypenny vs Pocket Receptionist

Who are Moneypenny?

Moneypenny are a telephone answering service and digital switchboard, who have been in operation for the past 15 years.

They offer virtual PA services, call transferring, virtual numbers, call conferencing, fax-to-email, credit checker, additional lines, mailing addresses in major UK cities, as well as meeting rooms.

Moneypenny packages and costs

Moneypenny’s virtual PA services are divided into 4 pricing categories. You can see those in the table below.

Monthly fee Free calls included Dedicated PA available First 45 additional calls Subsequent additional calls
Messenger £49.95 0 No £1.50 / call £1.75 / call
30 £99.95 30 Yes £1.50 / call £1.75 / call
90 £174.95 90 Yes £1.50 / call £1.75 / call
150 £259.95 150 Yes £1.50 / call £1.75 / call

Call information can be delivered via SMS, email or fax for free, and out-of-hours voicemail is also available for free.

Moneypenny add-ons vs Pocket Receptionist add-ons

Description Moneypenny Pocket Receptionist
Call conferencing £25 / year (pay-as-you-go for each conference) Free
03 virtual number (non-geographic) £10 / month £6.47 / month
0800 virtual number (non-geographic) £15 / month £14.96 / month
01, 02 virtual number (local) £10 / month £6.47 / month
Additional line £10 / month £6.47 / month
Credit Checker £10 / 3 reports / month OR £6.95 / report N/A
Mailing addresses in major UK cities £49 / month N/A

Pricing and service quality comparison between Moneypenny and Pocket Receptionist

Pricing comparison

Moneypenny’s virtual receptionist packages are quite expensive for the bundle of calls they include. The tables below show the direct comparison between some of Pocket Receptionist and Moneypenny packages.

Monthly fee Additional calls charge
PR 30 (30 calls) £45 £1.83 / call
Moneypenny 30 (30 calls) £99.95 £1.50 / call (first 45 calls)
£1.75 / call afterwards
Monthly fee Additional calls charge
PR 100 (100 calls) £140 £1.77 / call
Moneypenny 90 (90 calls) £174.95 £1.50 / call (first 45 calls)
£1.75 / call afterwards

Staff quality

Our impression with the Moneypenny virtual receptionists was that the company can be too corporate and lack the personal care given by smaller teams. In our experience of the service, a dozen receptionists could be dealing with just one customer, so callers often encounter a different person every time they call.

Pocket Receptionist’s team is relatively small and 96% of your calls will be served by your dedicated team of four receptionists. We do this so we’re able to give a more personal touch to the customer care we offer.

We also noticed that due to the high number of staff dealing with Moneypenny calls. Your call could be dealt with by a mix of inexperienced and experienced receptionists resulting in an inconsistent customer journey. Moreover, we found out that some of Moneypenny’s agents are subject to strong accents, which could lead to a lack in continuity on calls.

Pocket Receptionist staff, on the other hand, are fully-trained and we sift through only the most qualified receptionists who can add real value to our services, and thus to your business. Everyone on our team has years of experience and is accent-neutral, so we can greet each of your callers with clear English of the highest standard.

Call information collection and distribution

Surprisingly, insufficient information is sent to Moneypenny customers as their agents limit themselves to send basic messages without too many details.

We, at Pocket Receptionist, are firmly confident in the abilities of our receptionists to act as fully-integrated part of your business. This is why we aim to collect as much information as possible and deliver it to you in a timely fashion. We can also provide customer care, answer questions and take orders on your behalf to save you time and increase the efficiency rates of your business.

Specialist team for payments, bookings and high end customer service

The last point we would like to address is one of bespoke or specialist services to take payments, bookings or high end customer service. Currently Moneypenny charge £4,160 based on a starting rate of £26 per hour with a minimum of 40 hours per week. Specialist services are available on all packages from PR60 and above. We charge a set fee based on the package that you are on. As an example the PR60 package has a set fee of £25 to handle the additional specialist services.

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