What happens with nuisance or spam calls?

When you receive a message notification that you regard as a nuisance or spam call, then you can add the callers number to an auto reject list. We will then block that phone number from ever calling you again.

Once a phone number has been blocked. You won’t be charged if that number calls again. However, if a company calls you from another number that hasn’t been blocked. We will take that call.

To Block a number from a message notification


On each "new call" email, below the receptionist notes, you will see a "Block Caller" button.


When you go to the message details, below the receptionist notes you will have a block button.


While on your inbox, simply swipe on a message and you will find the option to block the caller.

Block a number

Log into your account, go to your inbox and click on “Blocked Callers”. You’ll be able to add known telephone numbers to your auto reject list.

Unblock a number

Log into your account, go to your inbox and click on “Blocked Callers”. Simply unblock a caller by using the “Unblock” button.

View blocked calls

Login to your Account, go to your Inbox and click on “Blocked Calls”. Here, you’ll be able to see a list of calls we’ve blocked for you.

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