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Reduce shopping cart abandonment with call answering and dedicated live chat. Improve your customer services and reviews without the expense of employing more staff.

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Here are some of the things we can do on your behalf:

  • Capture more sales
  • Improve customer service
  • Keep overheads down
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Ecommerce is the most competitive industry you can be in and answering ALL of your calls will increase your ROI and improve customer service, especially your online reviews.

Once a call is answered on your behalf, our receptonists will email this through to your team. If you want, we can even transfer specific types of calls directly to you or one of your team members.

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Why Pocket Receptionist is the right choice

Industry-specific teams

We have the experience and knowledge of your specific industry

24/7 + Weekends

Capture more sales and leads in the evening and weekends.

Improved customer service

Make your customers feel like they’re being looked after

Easy App management

Call, reply, block, or listen to every call we take for you

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Blue Box Socks

Pocket Receptionist provides me with the freedom to run my business. By answering the phone professionally and taking messages, this allows me the time to be able to reply to all incoming enquiries, when I am able to do so. By providing me with the callers exact requirements, I am able to respond with all the information that my potential customers require, at my initial contact with them. This is really useful and provides a very professional image for my company.

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My Doll Best Friend

Pocket Receptionist has become an indispensable service over the past 2.5 years. As a small business the freedom to complete tasks according to our timetable was challenged by the perpetual nature of the phone ringing, often for repetitive easy to handle enquiries which became unnecessarily drawn out in part because of our own enthusiasm for the products we sell! Not wanting to compromise customer service we took on Pocket Receptionist so customers could speak to a friendly, efficient, professional receptionist.

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