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5 Reasons Why Call Answering Services Are Perfect For Mechanics

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In an ideal world, as a mechanic, a car would come in for you to work on, you would complete the job, have a happy customer and move onto the next job.

In reality, you are likely to have many interruptions during the course of the day which delay you working on the cars, and extend the length of time it takes to get jobs completed.

Interruptions include many things, however the one interruption, which whilst it is unavoidable and is a necessity for your business to flourish, is phone calls.

The solution is to use a call answering service that will represent your business as if they work directly for you, answering calls and taking information for you. A good call handling service will also be able to take bookings for you and process payments, freeing you up to concentrate on what you do best.

1. There are only so many hours in the day

A busy mechanic will be booked out days, even weeks in advance, but interruptions of answering the phone will mean that jobs take longer than they may need to.

By entrusting your call answering to a professional call answering service, you will be safe in the knowledge that your calls will be handled exactly as you would like them to be, with information being taken and forwarded on to you in real-time to deal with when you are able, allowing you to focus on the job in hand.

2. No need to employ full-time reception staff

By using a call answering service, you eliminate the need to employ full time reception staff.

The answering service will provide you with a team of receptionists who are able to take your calls. By having a dedicated team, you ensure that any simultaneous calls are answered, as well as covering any sickness, lunch breaks and holidays.

Car Mechanic
You do the fixes, we take care of your customers.

3. Reduce your costs

The cost of employing staff increases every year. Not only are there wages and national insurance costs, but now there is the added cost of employee work place pensions.

A call answering service will charge you for the package of calls you wish to have – so you are only paying for the time that your receptionists are on calls.

4. Book appointments and take payments

A good call answering service will be able to do more than just answer calls for you. Let the team handling your calls book appointments into your online diaries. Should you wish for payments to be taken too, your call agents can take these from your customers and process them through your systems.

5. The illusion of size

For small businesses, your image and perception your customers have of you are extremely important. By using an outsourced call handling service, you enhance your brand and make your business appear larger than it is, as the call handling agents act as an extension of your business.

Let the team represent your business and handle your calls, leaving you to focus on the work you know best.

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