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5 Reasons Why Call Answering Services Are Perfect For Beauticians

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As a beautician you will either be working from a salon, have your own salon at home, or be mobile – travelling to your clients’ premises. A typical day is likely to be back to back appointments providing various treatments to your clients as well as possibly driving between appointments. As your clients expect your entire focus during their treatments, it makes it extremely difficult for you to take calls from people contacting you to book appointments, which can result in lost business.

Whilst your existing clients are important to you, you know that you need to attract new business to ensure that your diary remains full. If any potential or existing clients are not able to get through to you to book appointments, and you are finding you don’t have enough time in the day to get back to any missed calls you may have; are you compromising your business?

There is a solution to help you and your business that many of your competitors are using already – Call Answering Services. Below are some of the reasons you should perhaps consider this for your business too.

1. Get some ‘me’ time

You may find that you are spending your evenings and weekends contacting people that have tried to call you during the day, which could be eating into the time you wish you were relaxing or spending time with family and friends.

Whilst you may be happy to do this in the short term, should may start to resent your business if this carries on long term.

By having a call handling team answering calls and taking messages for you as and when your calls come in, you will ensure that you don’t miss any potential business. Let the team handling your calls book appointments into your diary too – ensuring that your clients are happy, your diary is full and your precious ‘me’ time is freed up!

2. Avoid distractions

There is nothing worse than starting a treatment with your client and hearing your phone go off. For your client, it is an unwanted distraction in what could be a relaxing treatment (unless it is waxing!!), and for you it is a frustration as you worry that you are missing potential business.

Your call handling team will ensure that you never miss any important calls; taking details from your clients and passing the information to you in real-time, for you to deal with (if necessary) when you have a break, allowing you to focus your attention fully on your client.

5 Reasons Why Call Answering Services Are Perfect For Beauticians
5 Reasons Why Call Answering Services Are Perfect For Beauticians

3. Increased competition

With more and more people choosing self-employment over employment these days, competition amongst the industry is getting stronger. All businesses need to be as responsive and flexible as possible to remain competitive.

To ensure you never miss an opportunity and you stay ahead of your competition, you need to be responsive to any enquiry. By using a call handling service that understands your business, many initial questions can be answered by the team ensuring that a good first impression is made and that you don’t lose out to the competition.

4. Maximise returns from marketing

You spend a lot of time producing marketing materials and creating various ways to advertise your business. The last thing you want to have happen is for a new client to try and call you, only to not get through, or get your voicemail.

If the client has not used you before, chances are they will simply go to the next beautician who’s details they have found and book in with them instead, which will mean that your marketing efforts have been wasted.

A call handling service will ensure that when you are unavailable all your calls are answered and handled professionally. Provide your call handlers with information on your services and prices, and let them answer initial questions from your callers, assisting your callers and freeing up your time.

5. Need a holiday?

Whether you want to take a couple of days off, or go away for a lovely long holiday, taking time off can fill you with dread at what you may miss whilst you are away. You want to take a break and relax; however you don’t want to miss out on new business.

Using a call answering service like Pocket Receptionist will ensure that all your calls are answered whilst you are away, bookings made as required into your diary, allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself safe in the knowledge that your business is being looked after!