Customer Service Number for E-commerce

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Companies within the E-commerce industry make up a large part of our client base here, at Pocket Receptionist.

Of course, most E-commerce customers purchase via the web directly, meaning people calling in are rare. However, as per The Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002, a telephone number must be displayed for Customer Service so there will, inevitably be, the odd call in.

It doesn’t make sense to employ a receptionist to handle a few calls every month so many E-commerce companies rely on using call answering services.

Pocket Receptionist can provide you with a telephone number to display on your website and handle any calls that come in for you from just £49.50 p/m.

We answer with your company name, take a message and send the details through to you straight away. We can also integrate directly in to your CRM or sales system. In a lot of cases, the calls are from existing customers chasing delivery etc. so having someone acknowledge them straight away helps to relieve a lot of frustration and will improve company reputation.

You can try the service for free. Contact me on 0800 009 6234 or email

Kelly Ball is our Sales Manager and data cleansing expert. With over 7 years’ experience within the Direct Marketing industry, she is a great point of contact for all of your marketing campaign needs.