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Nuisance calls are costly, but blocking them is easy

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Nuisance calls are disturbing not just to households but also to small businesses. Reports from 2013 revealed that UK SMEs had been set to lose £91 million that year dealing with spam calls. It is relatively safe to wager on the increase of these figures in recent years. This is reflected on the desire of more and more people to utilise blocking nuisance calls tools, and free up their time.

Honestly, we understand it is easy to lose your cool when you think of how many opportunities you might be leaving vanish into thin air because of nuisance calls. It is particularly upsetting for small businesses with little human resources to waste their time answering cold callers.

What can you do to stop nuisance calls?

Alas, you are exposed to those and your productivity could be jeopardized, if you don’t take measures to block the pestering sales and marketing calls.

It is fine, even recommended, to report the cold callers’ numbers to the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) or the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) who could take action and impose financial punishment on the callers.

And still, one could question whether it is worth writing down every suspicious number to later submit to the regulators.

Block spam calls from your Pocket Receptionist app

Blocking nuisance calls is now an effortless action. As we mentioned above, there is an increased demand for blocking spam calls tools, and we have ensured that we address the need on our Pocket Receptionist smartphone app. Just one tap on the screen will automatically block all future calls from any given number.

How to block nuisance calls with Pocket Receptionist app

Block spam calls via Pocket Receptionist website

Of course, you can block numbers via our website. Simply log in to your account, then click on a message from a person you don't want to receive any more calls. While there, click the Block button to block any future calls from this number. Another way you can block spam callers is by adding a number to your block list manually. While logged in, go to your Inbox and then click on Blocked Callers tab.