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From within the Pocket Receptionist's Android and iPhone app you can mark your contacts as VIP. A call from a VIP contact will be transferred straight through to you or any UK landline or mobile number you enter, skipping our team of receptionists completely. This will be useful for friends and family, as you might not want us to answer those calls.

Watch the video below to see how the app works

YouTube video showing the Pocket Receptionist mobile app in action

With our free telephone answering service app you will be able to:

  • Receive your messages in real-time directly from your telephone answering service receptionist about each answered call
  • Update your quick status while on the move, for example, "I'm Driving" and tell us how to handle those calls during that time
  • Mark contacts as VIP. Calls from VIP's will go striaght through to you or any other UK mobile or landline number
  • Quickly access all of your messages in one convenient Inbox
  • Update your personal receptionist instantly with relevant instructions
  • Quickly respond to your callers via email or call with a single tap
  • Block callers with a single tap from ever calling you again
  • Get an indication of your caller’s mood and message priority so that you can respond appropriately
  • No storage limitations

If your don't have our app download it now

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