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Why should you add a callback widget to your website?

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The Pocket Receptionist development team recently added a new service to the product – the callback widget. This is a tool that allows you to embed a small form in your website which enables the visitors to request a callback from your receptionists. To set it up, the callback widget requires a unique ID for each website domain it is used on, in order to limit the access to it only to the domains you own.

We will not engage in detailed nerdy explanations of how to embed the callback widget. Instead, we will give you a couple of good reasons why you should use the tool.

Strengthen the bond between you and your customers

First, it enhances your relationship with your site visitors. You won’t go far if you don’t promote your business on the Internet, and your website is the face you show to potential customers. Your site needs to be usable and efficient, and embedding a callback widget ticks both boxes. Arranging a callback could be made the shortest route for your customers to connect with you. Below you can view what a sample widget looks like, to see for yourself how easy it is to use it. (image of the sample widget)

Further to the simplification of the process of establishing a connection between businesses and consumers, the callback widget allows your customers to choose what time of the day they want to be called. This puts both you, and them at ease, as they will be expecting your call and you or your agent will be prepared with all the necessary information, relevant to the pending conversation. It will smoothen the tone of the call and could lead to a successful completion of its purpose. Normally, the efforts directed at the improvement of customer experience lead to increased revenues. Demonstrating that you are doing your best to make your customer feel comfortable, rarely remains unnoticed.

Look more professional and capture more leads

The callback widget can raise your business profile in the customers’ eyes. Having a click-to-call tool on your website makes your company look more professional, and leaves good impression with your visitors. It is a more advanced technology that catches the eye and tells your customer that you are forward-thinking and approach every detail professionally.

Last but not least, the callback widget could help in business acquisition and retention. Given the abovementioned reasons, your visitors should be satisfied with the level of customer service you offer, so you could expect to win them as customers. Moreover, by enabling people to request a callback, you ensure that fewer sales leads will be missed, as your agents will make the call as soon as they are free.

The callback widget has already attracted the interest of many Pocket Receptionist customers. We hope this article has convinced you in the advantages of the widget. If you want to make the most of it, get your free quote today and we will assist you with the embedment of the tool.