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Live Chat & Facebook Messenger Customer Service Outsourcing. Your webchats & Facebook Messenger messages, fully managed by Pocket Receptionist.

Live Chat or social messages are the highest-converting service you can have on your website to grow your business.

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Top-Notch Tech & Humans

Our managed Live Chat & Facebook Messenger customer service outsourcing service gives you a dedicated team of highly trained operators, who get to know your business. Your team of UK-based agents can provide assistance and answer your FAQs in real-time, while providing first-class customer service.

Your dedicated team are ready to:

  • Provide full Live Chat support
  • Provide fully managed Facebook Messenger customer service support
  • Nurture and qualify leads for your sales team
  • Give your customers a fantastic impression of your brand
  • Build trust and rapport
  • Advise your customers based on your FAQs

We love to Chat

Here at Pocket Receptionist, our agents pride themselves on being customer experience experts. Our trained UK-based agents help drive significant growth for thousands of businesses across the UK.

Our fully managed Live Chat service uses live agents, who will engage with your customers in real-time. No robots, just real people working to a very high standard. Being highly trained humans, our agents will help your customers with empathy and understanding, while having real conversations and building relationships.

Our trained team of agents know how to ask just the right questions to generate high-quality leads, boost your sales, and provide an exceptional award-winning service. Working in tandem with our 5-star rated telephone answering service, our UK-based Live Chat support agents create an all-encompassing omnichannel approach to your business’s communication with a focus on helping your business succeed.

But why choose a fully managed Live Chat service? Simply, it is the fastest and most effective method of engaging with customers while seeing immediate results in sales and service levels. When your business is closed for the day, we can continue providing top-notch support to ensure no leads are lost.

Get in touch with one of our Live Chat support agents today to discover how we can help drive significant growth for your business.

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Fully managed social media customer service for Facebook

Social media is now one of the most important channels for customer communication.

More than half of all customers expect to get an answer within an hour and are likely to use a competitor if they don’t get a response from your social media pages.

Speed and efficiency are important factors. Providing customer support on demand is seen as a great social customer service experience and in turn they will:

  • Grow in brand loyalty
  • Share their experience
  • Buy more from you

Customers tend to use social media channels for their queries before or after office hours, or during the weekend and many companies struggle to answer their customers within an acceptable timeframe via these social channels.

At Pocket Receptionist, we’re able to support all your Facebook Messenger customer service messages. This allows you to down-scale your customer service team while simultaneously covering outside of your usual office hours, delivering better customer service at a much lower cost.

We’ll ensure that your customers reach an available agent instantly who will help resolve their queries in a timely manner, helping your overall customer experience and freeing up your team to focus on more strategic work.

Our team of experienced UK-based, in-office agents can provide technical support, sales support, lead generation, and responses to your most frequently asked questions.

We love customer service, and we’ll take the time to understand the industry you operate in, learn your business, as well as your company’s personality.

So, why not let us handle your customer support so you can concentrate on what you’re great at?

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How it works

There is no lengthy set-up process or costly investment with our fully managed Live Chat software.
Within hours, your website visitors can be ready to chat with our dedicated UK-based agents.


We will work with you to produce a detailed set of criteria, so we know how to help your customers. This will include answers to a wide range of questions related to your business, which builds rapport and encourages engagement.


Our onboarding team will build and test your account to ensure your website or social visitors get the very best customer journey.


We will send you any code that you may need to add to your website along with full instructions for integration. This process should only take a few minutes to complete, before you’re set to go!


Once live, we will assign you a dedicated account manager, who will manage the Live Chat service team assigned to your business. They will be on point with your account and will be in contact with you for any feedback or guidance on how to optimise the service to get the most out of your chats.

Frequent questions

Got a question about Live Chat or Facebook integration? See below for some of our FAQs...

No – Our live chat and Facebook outsourcing service only operates a three-month minimum term contract and then we require only one month’s notice from the date of your next invoice to close your account.

Our fully managed Live Chat service is available:

8:00 – 20:00 Monday – Friday
9:00 – 18:00 Weekends
9:00 – 16:00 Bank Holidays

There's never a reason to miss a sales opportunity again!

All you need to do is add a small piece of code to your website to invoke the live chat software. It is that simple. We can provide guides for most types of websites and can even liaise directly with your technical representative to assist you in deploying the chat software.

Just open our dedicated Facebook integration page, sign in to your Facebook Account and select all the pages you want our team to assist with. Once you’ve accepted the permissions, our team can get work responding to questions and assisting new sales for you. We have a technical team who can walk you through the process if you need any assistance.

We run through a simple onboarding to cover the basics of your business and a dozen or so of your most frequently asked questions. This is enough to get started. As new questions and feedback arise, we refine and update the service with you to ensure your customers get the best experience.

We will send you the full chat transcript including details on how to get back in touch with the visitor on every chat. We also categorise chats so you can easily identify a support request from a sales chat.

We can monitor the types of chats that are coming in and each of these chats can be sent to the right person or department in your company.

Yes, you can match your chat window to your site using your logo and website colours. You can log in an change this at any time using your online portal.

Why Use Managed Live Chat or
Live Chat Outsourcing?

The growing popularity of live chat and managed live chat outsourcing is fast becoming the accepted communication method for online interactions.

The way people communicate is to change further with an increase in more efficient messaging apps and social media networks. Live chat outsourcing among small businesses will grow past 5 million by 2022 and live chat adoption by SMEs is set to grow by 87% in the next two years.

Engage with customers

We can capture and engage with your website visitors proactively and with the right message, keeping them on your site long enough to convince them that you are the company for them. Live chat is proven to increase online purchases by 35% and increase website conversions by 49%. These benefits are purely down to being able to present a human element to your visitor at just the right moment. You need to see your website as not just an online presence, it is also your shopfront. If your website is unmanned, then your shop has no staff!

Telephone receptionist service
Customers expect a live chat on your website

If you do not have live chat, then you need it. If you do have it and it’s offline, then you need to consider managed Live chat, otherwise, a good portion of that money spent on advertising, marketing and social media is wasted. With more than 30% of customers expecting to see live chat or managed live chat on a website. Having the highest satisfaction levels of any customer service channel at 73%, you should make this a priority.

Telephone receptionist service
It’s about the trust & care

Do not get trapped into thinking this is only about only using managed live chat to answer the questions about delivery times and shipping costs. It’s about the trust that this small square box on the bottom corner of your web page instils in your website visitors. Live chat initially shows that you care about your customers and showing them that there is a human presence available at all times gives the consumer a feeling that you are real and serious about the service you offer.

Telephone receptionist service
Reduce exists from your website

Apart from trust, the other benefit is lead-generation. We reduce the website visitors leaving your website by proactively engaging with your visitors. Once in place, remember to review the feedback regularly. Read the transcripts and use this to drive changes to your business and website. This feedback is an invaluable insight.

Treat your customers with a new way of communicating with you and you might just find that it benefits your business in more ways than one.

Get in touch with our managed live chat service team today.

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