See what our customers think about our telephone answering service

The receptionist's take down more details than I would usually, making booking my jobs in much quicker and efficient saving me time. Very efficient service.’

Gas King Plumbing and Heating

Mike Kronholm

It's nice having a human voice answering the phone, it creates less stress on my existing staff and has decreased my staff costs.

Direct Data Squad

Bobbie Woolgrove

Excellent service, one of my customers are disappointed if I answer the phone instead of Pocket Receptionist!

Access Control

Mark Jones

‘Pocket Receptionist have played a key role in the expansion of our business, from phone answering to handling our customer bookings - we know we can rely on them to deliver. We see them as part of our team and are very pleased with their service, particularly with the ability to scale on demand.’

Domestic Repair Company

C Richardson

I use Pocket Receptionist to answer our calls, initially picked as they are a local business to us. However I cannot fault them, excellent service, good price and very very lovely people. Highly recommend.

MJ Training

Michelle Judd

Thanks to the lovely receptionist who asked exactly the right questions in the right way, Exactly why we use your service.

Smokie's Haven

Ciaran O'Meara

Thanks so much for the work you continue to do for us. It really helps us to get on with our work and also makes my customers feel they are looked after and dealt with quickly and courteously. For us, we get on with the job in hand and I can work without worrying customers have been lost because I haven't got to the phone.

Wolds Gardening

Mark Egan

Thanks to all at PR for your friendly, professional handling of my calls !


Andrew Richardson

Pocket Receptionist have allowed me to work more freely. They answer the calls when I can’t get to the phone. This allows me to be more productive and helps me looks after my existing and new clients. Pocket Receptionist has allowed me to grow and expand my services without losing quality. Thank you

Dr Aesthetica

Dr Farmah

Have to say - such amazing service from Nat and the team. Really pleased I made the jump to do it - in the grand scheme of things it's pennies - I get such brilliant service, never lose a sale and my members get to speak to someone - totally worth the money.

Studio Fit


I have just listened to a call taken by My Receptionist and I must say, the lady handled it great and she sounded as though she was literally in our office well impressed.

ColouredPlas Ltd


This week we have received so much positive feedback from the girls answering the phones. The general comments we have had this week on half a dozen calls is everyone is really friendly and professional and helpful. Please can you say a big thank from Nassboards.


Martin Colbey

Very pleased with the all round customer service, all the receptionists answer the phones quickly and professionally.

Energy Saving Heating


Pocket Receptionist is a lifeline for someone like me. As a freelance web designer, it's not always possible for me to be by the phone if I am meeting with clients or otherwise engaged, so I found that I was missing opportunities due to people not leaving a voicemail for me or I would pick up the phone and it would be a spam caller. With Pocket Receptionist I know that my calls are going to be answered by a human being which means that the caller is more likely to leave their details for me to then call them back when I am available.

LS25 Web Design

Matthew Gibbons

My experience so far has been very good, the transition from my previous virtual landline provider was very smooth. Your team led this and the development of the “script” was easy with good communication from my account manager. The receptionists we have been assigned have worked well with clear communication. The app has been very useful in being able to monitor call volumes and set budgets accordingly. It's only been a few months but very happy so far.

Source Fire Risk Management Ltd

Jonathan Bartle

I’d just like to say a BIG Thank you for your fantastic service. I’ve never missed a sale since you’ve been taking my calls for me. The facility to actually listen back to the call is excellent and puts me fully in control - I would highly recommend this to any company whether large or small.

Tiger Furniture

Tony Stock

A great service which came to my need when I was travelling outside the UK. I received messages taken which I could then contact and not lose the sale. The service is excellent, professional and our receptionist will do anything we ask. An excellent service which has helped our business immensely.


Tony Bailey

I have found Pocket Receptionist to be an excellent solution for my business. They handle all my calls and deal with any spam calls as well. It's a great solution for me as I spend a lot time in meetings and visiting clients so I never miss an important call.

New Energy Trading Group Limited

James Keane

I've been using Pocket Receptionist for a while now it has been very useful for my business as we are a mobile pressure washing company and most of the time we can't hear the phones due to the noise of the machines Pocket Receptionist is good for this for picking up the calls for us so we don't miss any calls.

AB Jetting Ltd

Tony Beddoes