All Day PA with Pocket Receptionist

Having an all day PA is a luxury we'd all like to have

Unfortunately hiring an all day PA can work out very expensive. However, you can get your very own receptionist that acts just like an all day PA without the hassle and cost of hiring one with Pocket Receptionist.

Our phone answering service is the fastest growing in the UK

We’ll greet your customers with an accent neutral telephone answering service receptionist, and the knowledge to answer your calls. Our receptionist can then transfer the call or send you a notification via our app, email, SMS and your own dedicated portal.

  • UK office based receptionists
  • Neutral Accent
  • Trained to understand your business
  • Block Spam and cold calls
  • Call recording
  • No hidden pricing and no contract

Why use our call handling service?

Receive live notifications and
set real-time statuses

Integrate with your
phones address book

Set VIP Callers to
bypass our receptionists

Listen to, or download
your call recordings

  • Outsourcing your reception services could save you 98.5% of the cost of employment
  • Calls surges, disaster recovery and holiday cover can all be covered with one solution and at no additional cost
  • On average your in-house receptionist spends just 23% of their time handling calls

If you want a fully featured and professional phone answering service that's over
90% cheaper than hiring an all day PA then give us a call us today.

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