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Get your customer calls answered affordably by a professional, dedicated, UK-based receptionist whenever you need

  • Control all incoming business calls in just a few clicks with the Pocket Receptionist app
  • Improve customer service with lower wait times and a 100% call answer rate
  • Cut your costs – An employed receptionist on average spends 23% of their time answering calls. Why pay for 100% of their time?
  • Free your time and focus by letting us answer calls for you
  • Call recording available so you can listen to all calls received
  • Flexible call answering – Take messages, forward calls to the PA or colleagues, provide customer service, and receive orders
  • Fixed monthly fees so you know exactly what you’re getting, with no nasty surprises
  • Better priced than the competition – Because we do everything in-house, you pay less as there are no middlemen.

Whether you’re a one-man-band that receives a couple of calls a day or a multi-national enterprise receiving 100s of calls a day, we have the right package for your business and budget.

Experience the full-service for a week and we’ll recommend the right package for you afterwards. Packages start from only £64.00 per month. No obligation, no commitment, no fixed contracts, no hidden charges, no setup fee.

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You can also call 0800 009 6555 or email info@pocketreceptionist.co.uk

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Your Business In Safe Hands

Our telephone answering service has…


Saved UK businesses

£ 117,204,759
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Saved callers being on hold for

15,882,936 secs

Average answer time of

4.32 secs

How it works

Businesses still receive 80% of their incoming communication via the phone and 34.53% of calls to businesses are missed.

If you miss calls you lose money

With Pocket Receptionist, you have a trained PA at your disposal whenever you need. Simply download the app to your phone and divert calls to your new PA whenever you’re in a meeting, with a client, off sick, or travelling abroad. You can even let your PA take all your calls for you.

You can also forward calls to a different number like your mobile when you’re out of the office, or forward to a colleague. What’s more, you can set VIP numbers to bypass the receptionist and go straight through to you, so your family, partners or special clients can reach you directly.


Control your calls with just a few clicks in the FREE app

With Pocket Receptionist, you have total control of your incoming business calls
wherever you are, whenever you need.

Whether you want us to answer all of your calls, some of your calls, or just the calls you miss after a certain numbers of rings, you can control everything with the Pocket Receptionist app. It’s 100% flexible, you can create bespoke options to take messages, divert calls, forward calls and more with just a few simple clicks.

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Meet some of your
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“Before we ever answer a call for your business we’re briefed on who you are, what you do, and how to handle your customers. So you can trust that your customer service is in the right hands. We’ll make sure your customers leave with the right impression.”
Claire Thrower, one of your new receptionists

Ensure your calls are always
answered by a human

Let us answer your calls from as little as £64.00 per month.

You can also call 0800 009 6555 or email info@pocketreceptionist.co.uk

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What Pocket Receptionist can do for you:

  • Answer all incoming calls professionally on your behalf
  • Cut your costs
  • Let you control all incoming business calls from your mobile phone
  • Improve your customer service with lower wait times and a 100% call answer rate
  • Take orders on your behalf
  • Send you notifications of each call along with a message, subject & callers name via app, email or SMS
  • Let you listen to calls again with call recording
  • Create a bespoke script for your business
  • Give you a business number to choose from (0800, 020 etc).

Get setup in just 10 minutes

You could brief your new receptionist and be set up almost immediately. Why not get started now while it’s fresh in your mind?

If you’d prefer to speak to a member of our team, we can help you get set up quickly and easily over the phone. Just call 0800 009 6149.


Premium Call Answering

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What makes us different?

Not only are we better value, unlike our competitors, there no hidden fees, we never charge you for handling spam calls, and all calls are answered in the UK.

We’ll never tell your customers we’re a 3rd party service provider. As far as everyone is concerned, your receptionists are an extension of your in-house team. What’s more, you can control everything with just a few clicks in our free app. Get set up in just 10 minutes with no credit card, no contract, and no commitment.



The cost of your monthly package will depend on the quantity of calls you receive. The Pocket Receptionist packages begin from just £64.00 per month. If you know how many calls you receive per month, you can choose the right package for your business.

We can recommend the right package for you based on your call stats. There’s no commitment and we don’t even ask for a credit card, so you can get started right away. You’ve nothing to lose.

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You can also call 0800 009 6555 or email info@pocketreceptionist.co.uk

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