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Improve your customer service and cut your costs.

Join the hundreds of UK businesses using Pocket Receptionist's telephone answering service to improve their customer service and cut their costs.

Simply choose to forward all your calls, or only your unanswered calls to us. The point is, you have complete control over your inbound calls - deciding where they go and how they're answered.

How does this cut costs?

On average, receptionists deal with customers just 23% of the time they’re at work. However, you pay for 100% of their time whether they answer calls or not.

Did you know on average 34% of all business calls in the UK are missed? You miss calls, you lose money.

With Pocket Receptionist, you’ll never miss another call again, and you only pay for the number of calls you need answered.

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UK office based

Our in-house staff are dedicated to answering your calls, we don’t do anything else.

Professionally trained and accent neutral, our receptionists quickly become an indispensable part of your team.

Personalised call handling

We offer seamless call handling. Our receptionists are organised into small teams that focus on their regular customers.

Your callers will never know we are not part of your full time team.

Cutting edge mobile apps

Our easy to use app and online portal allows you to update your instructions to your receptionists in just a few seconds.

Read your messages then simply swipe to reply to your callers via email or phone.

Cut your costs

An employed receptionist on average spends less than 23% of their time answering calls.

Business is changing; outsourcing your reception or call handling offers you instant cost savings and an improved service.

No more spam calls

Just hit the block caller button on the app or in your portal and all future calls from that caller are automatically blocked at no cost to you.

Additionally you can manually add a number to your blocked caller list.

Trusted business

You can count on us. Established in 2002, we have handled 136 million minutes for over 10,000 customers.

Experienced and professional UK based staff and dedicated support team

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With Pocket Receptionist I know that my calls are going to be answered by a human.

Matthew Gibbons

LS25 Web Design

I’ve never missed a sale since you’ve been taking my calls for me.

Tony Stock

Tiger Furniture

The service is excellent, professional and our receptionist will do anything we ask.

Tony Bailey

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