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Business Process Outsourcing
with Pocket Receptionist

Increase customer satisfaction & free up your time without losing quality or paying through the nose,
with the help of our fantastic team of Virtual Assistants.

Incoming & Outgoing Customer Service Calls

Our team of in-house virtual assistants can answer your inbound phone calls and even make outbound calls on your behalf.

You can either send us all of your calls or just overflow the ones you’re unable to answer.

We can answer calls on practically anything:

  • Delivery schedules
  • Stock levels
  • Shipping charges
  • Process orders via online forms
  • And much more…
Incoming & Outgoing Customer Service Calls
First Call Resolution & FAQ Responses | Incoming & Outgoing Customer Service Calls

First Call Resolution & FAQ Responses

Nothing gives your customers a greater sense of service than resolving their questions in one call.

Our team of virtual assistants work with you to build a list of your most frequently asked questions and responses.

This alone can reduce around 90% of your inbound calls and substantially cut down your staffing costs.

First call resolution looks different for each company and can involve plugging into CRM or back-end systems, or booking available slots into your calendar in real-time.

Every new account is given a dedicated account manager who will help document and refine your unique process.

This helps to ensure that we fully understand your needs and in turn, your customers get an amazing service.

CRM & API Entries

We're able to log in to your CRM or Back-end system in a read-only capacity to advise callers on an order status or specific details about their account.

We can also pass callers information through in real-time using webhooks to update your system or provide specific caller information prior to transfers.

We can also directly connect your existing SIP or IAX-based phone system. This results in a reduced load on your phone lines capacity and big reductions in phone call costs for forwarded calls.

Direct connection will also allow your receptionist to transfer calls to your own internal phone extensions numbers.

CRM & API Entries
Speak to an account manager today on 0800 009 6555
to see how we can help you reduce your staffing costs.
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Diary management

Diary management

Let us take the stress out of your day by helping to manage your diary and by scheduling appointments. Whether you have a simple Google calendar or your own hosted calendar.

You don’t need to go to the expense of a full-time administrative assistant. We’ll update your diary or booking system in real-time and let you know via email and app notification.

Set up is simple. Just share your calendar with us and we’ll advise on your availability or book any appointments, quotes or entries you dictate.

Payment Processing

Taking payments, deposits and pre-payments immediately over the phone are effective ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Credit or debit card payment can be taken easily by us using a virtual terminal linked to your merchant account.

We take security very seriously and all our agents are fully security trained and go through external PCI compliance vetting.

  • We are very strict about confidentiality and security
  • All call handling agents are fully trained to be PCI compliant
  • Card payment security is paramount
Payment Processing
Order Processing & Guidance

Order Processing & Guidance

Do your customers need help in processing orders online or are you suffering from shopping cart abandonment? If so, then we can help.

Our team of highly-trained virtual assistants can walk your callers through your web order processing or advise of delivery and shipping, in real-time.

This helps to convert more of your website visitors into paying, happy customers.

Speak to an account manager today on 0800 009 6555 to see how
we can help you reduce your staffing costs.

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Or email info@pocketreceptionist.co.uk

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Scripts & Questionnaires

Often, reading out a script or legal statement can be repetitive and time-consuming. We're able to process any script or questionnaire and also provide a recording for your records.
  • Fill in hosted or online questionnaires
  • Read scripts and legal statements
  • Make outbound calls to gather feedback
  • Walk callers through structured support
Scripts & Questionnaires

Social media

Social media is now one of the main channels for customer communication and expectations have changed.

At Pocket Receptionist, we allow you to down-scale your service team whilst simultaneously covering outside of your usual office hours, delivering better customer service at a much lower cost.

Answering your social media inquiries quickly will encourage your customers to:

  • Buy more from you
  • Grow in brand loyalty
  • Share their experience

Our Virtual Assistants

All of our virtual assistants are office based in the UK. They are audited daily to ensure an amazing level of service.

All of our staff:

  • Hold certificates in Data Protection and go through an external training process to ensure they comply with the principles of the UK’s Data Protection Act and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Go through a 6 weeks training schedule covering everything from call etiquette to data compliance
  • Are audited daily to ensure call quality and adherence to instructions

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