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Telephone Answering Service

5-star rated, award-winning business phone answering service.

Free up your time & let the experts look after your customers with virtual phone answering – by real people!

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How Much Could You Save With a Telephone Answering Service?

If you’ve never worked out how much a missed call costs your business, then enter your details below & we’ll let you know.

We’ll give you a clue. It’s more than you think!

"This has helped my small business a lot as no calls go unanswered."

Esther, business consultant.
What Can Our Virtual Phone Answering Service Offer | Telephone answering service in UK

What Can Our Virtual Phone Answering Service Offer?

At Pocket Receptionist, we’re obsessed with customer satisfaction! We believe that your customers deserve to speak to actual human beings, so we guarantee just that with our telephone answering service.

Our dedicated professionals can:

  • Filter out nuisance & persistent callers for you.
  • Route calls to the correct person or department.
  • Transfer only the calls you want.
  • Take all your calls or just your overflow.
  • Cover holidays, sickness, & busy periods.
  • Confirm all contact details, including email addresses & phone numbers.

“Saves hours of trying to filter out cold callers, so now we only get the calls we need. Great service.”

Hartley, Easy Corp UK Ltd.

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Why Outsource Call Answering to an Office Phone Answering Service

Why Outsource Call Answering to an Office Phone Answering Service?

The benefits to you and your team are endless! Our telephone reception service frees up your time to allow you to grow your business and ensures your in-house staff can focus on what you hired them to do. Overall this makes everyone work more efficiently and reduces your running costs which could save you thousands.

To maintain our high-quality service, our team leaders audit calls and messages constantly to provide feedback to help refine our service for you. Together with call recording we really do go the extra mile to make sure we perfect every call and maintain our 5-star rating for your customers.

“Fantastic service, exactly what we needed to help us grow our business by freeing up time to focus on the business! I Would highly recommend it!”

Steve Elliot, Robertson Webb.

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A Telephone Reception Service Thats’s a Natural Extension of Your Workforce, Only 97% Cheaper!

Your dedicated team of trained receptionists work hard to get to know you and your business, so you can relax knowing that we greet your callers with a high level of professional care.
We can answer calls in any way you dictate. From transferring all your calls, only specific types of calls, or just taking messages, with the promise that your calls are answered your way.

For those companies looking for more detailed help and customer service support, we can provide:

  • First-call resolution & extensive responses.
  • Diary management.
  • Order taking, payment processing & delivery updates.

Because your business is unique, when we onboard you for our business phone answering service, we will train your team of receptionists on your call-handling instructions and any bespoke services you require, to ensure top-notch service.

“I have been using Pocket Receptionist for the last 3 years, their service has been superb throughout. They really do get to know your business & my clients have commented on how professional our ‘office staff’ are. I would highly recommend them.”

Ryan, isk8 Cool Attractions.

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A Telephone Reception Service Thats’s a Natural Extension of Your Workforce, Only 97% Cheaper!

Free-Up Your Time & Boost Sales
With Virtual Phone Answering

Let our team of customer-obsessed professionals help your business move forward and increase your sales. With Pocket Receptionist’s UK-based small business phone answering service, you will never miss a sales opportunity again. Don’t lag behind thousands of UK small businesses who have already outsourced their calls and have saved money.

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You can also call 0800 009 6555 or email info@pocketreceptionist.co.uk

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How a Virtual Phone Answering Works

Appointing Pocket Receptionist as your dedicated business phone answering service is quick and easy. There’s no lengthy time-consuming set-up process and your experienced account manager will be on point with your requirements and assist you in getting started.


We will work with you to build your account by understanding the basics of your business. Your Onboarding Team will also create your virtual phone answering instructions, which include responses to your FAQs & any mandatory information that you need us to obtain from specific callers.


When your account has been created, we will provide you with a unique telephone number. You can then choose to forward either all or some of your calls to this number.


Once your account is live, we will test your line to ensure that we are ready to answer your calls. You will start receiving your call messages in your email, the app, & your online portal.


Your Onboarding Team will continue to work with you to help refine our call handling, utilising the call recording & feedback feature in the app.

Frequent questions

Got a question about our Telephone Answering Service?
See below for some of our FAQs...

When you sign-up for our call handling service, we run through a simple onboarding to cover the basics of your business. During your onboarding call, your account manager will gain an insight into your business and gather the information we need to answer your calls, your way. Your account manager will also put together a list of responses to your FAQs and discuss your call handling instructions. This is enough to get started, although as new questions and feedback arise, we refine and update the service with you to ensure your customers get the best experience.

Every time we answer one of your calls, we will send you a message that contains the callers’ name, contact number, and a brief reason for the call. We will also include any information that you ask us to gather, such as a reference number or email address. You will also be able to access the recording of the call which you can listen to from the app or a PC.

Call Forward If you prefer, you can forward calls in real-time to any phone number of your choice. If we can’t get through, we will send you an alert instead.

Absolutely! We can process orders, take payments, provide first-call resolution, diary management, and book appointments for you. We can also walk callers through your website forms and online ordering. We can help you with anything that your own reception or customer service team can do.

The high standard of our call handling service requires you to be given a team of receptionists that are trained on the specifics of your business. As such, we are unable to offer a pay-as-you-go service.

Your Customer Service team ensures that your new team of UK-based receptionists are informed of any changes as we refine the service over time. There are many “call-centre” style answering services that offer a pay-as-you-go service.

Yes, we cater for all sizes of businesses from sole traders, individuals, small businesses, to large corporate companies. Regardless of your business size, you still get a dedicated Customer Service team and a 5-star rated service.

Small Business Phone Answering Service

The Positive Effects of a Small Business Phone Answering Service

Does any of these things sound familiar?

  • You & your team get distracted by low-priority, nuisance, or persistent calls.
  • You & your team are missing calls & losing customers to the competition due to being too busy.
  • You personally spend more time on the phone during staff holidays & busy periods, unavoidably neglecting your other work.
  • Your customers are on hold for too long or hearing an engaged tone or voicemail. Or they’re voicing their frustrations that you’re missing their calls.

If so, a telephone reception service like Pocket Receptionist will make those issues a thing of the past.

Many businesses are taking advantage of Business phone answering services. In fact, 54% of all companies use third-party support teams for customer service and to connect with their customers. This assistance has been shown to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction and staff and owners are finding themselves less stressed.

By having incoming calls answered outside of the business, owners and employees are no longer being stretched across various roles. This has led to the feeling the satisfaction and accomplishment in achieving their work goals through allowed efficiency.

With a potential saving of 97%, virtual phone answering is very cost-effective in comparison to employing a receptionist. So, you can see why so many businesses like yours choose to outsource their customer service calls.

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What Makes Pocket Receptionist’s Office Phone Answering Service Different?

Unlike other call-handling companies, our telephone answering service is unique:

  • We give you a team of receptionists, who build a relationship with you & your callers over time.
  • We only use in-house & highly trained receptionists.
  • We record all our calls so you can hear exactly how your calls are answered.
  • Our staff hold certificates in Data Protection, go through an extensive training schedule, & are audited daily to ensure call quality.

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Pocket Receptionist’s

Benefit From Our
Real-Time Notifications™

Receive real-time messages and information directly from our agent’s screen to your mobile phone, with no delays.

  • Inbox & Archive: Read & receive messages about calls answered on your behalf.
  • Quick Status: Let your receptionist instantly know that you are driving or in a meeting etc.
  • Call recording: Listen to the call recording of any call answered on your behalf.
  • Quick Callback and Email: Easily call back or email the caller with a single tap.
Benefit From Our Real-Time Notifications™

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You can also call 0800 009 6555 or email info@pocketreceptionist.co.uk

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