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Call Handling Service
with Pocket Receptionist

An efficient call handling service can eliminate missed sales opportunities.

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Does your business miss any calls?

Businesses still receive up to 80% of their incoming communication via the telephone.

34.53% of calls to businesses are missed.

85% of these will not call back and 75% will not leave a voicemail.

98% of people say that a poor phone experience leaves a bad impression.

The verdict is that missed calls are missed opportunities. Whether your business is missing calls often, in busy times or during lower staffing levels due to sickness or holiday, you are losing money.

Call handling service from Pocket Receptionist deals professionally with your calls

Our UK call handling service can help by answering the calls you can’t. You can count on our dedicated professional in-house receptionists who will manage your calls depending on how you have instructed them. Your calls can be transferred to you in real-time or our receptionists can send you a message via SMS, email or our mobile app.

Positive call handling is a necessity for businesses who want to increase their sales and avoid missed opportunities.

telephone answering service

Improve your customer experience and
grow your business

Start improving your sales & customer experience with Pocket Receptionist.

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Why use our
call handling service?

Receive live notifications and set real-time statuses

Integrate with your phones address book

Set VIP Callers to bypass
our receptionists

Listen to, or download your
call recordings

Stop missing your business opportunities!

There is no lengthy or complicated set-up process. Your dedicated account manager will be at
point with setting up your telephone answering service.

Use our fully featured smartphone app, allowing you
to set your status and VIP callers.

Get notifications of each call along with a message, subject
& callers name via app, email or SMS.

Receive call transfers or divert to others, depending
on your call handling instructions.

Alternatively, call us on 0800 009 6555.