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Our experienced and trained reception team can resolve the majority of inbound calls using a list of your most frequently asked questions. This helps pre-qualify any new customers prior to transfer.

Here are some of the things we you can benefit from:

  • Experienced, professional agents
  • Filter out nuisance and cold callers
  • Real time transfer of important calls
  • Record all calls

Once a call is answered on your behalf, our receptonists will email this through to your team. If you want, we can even transfer specific types of calls directly to you or one of your team members.

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If you prefer, you can call us on 0800 009 6555.

Why Pocket Receptionist is the right choice

Industry-specific teams

We have the experience and knowledge of your specific industry


Capture more clients in the evening and weekends.

Call recording

Resolve conflicts, improve compliance & capture every detail

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Call, reply, block, or listen to every call we take for you

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Brilliant service . Very professional staff... must recommend

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