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The new and improved app allows you to receive instant notifications
of all your messages plus so much more.

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Amazing Features

Control your account, receive messages about any new calls and chats in real-time.

Inbox & Archive

Read and receive messages about calls answered on your behalf.

Quick Status

Let our receptionist know that you're driving, in a meeting etc.

VIP Contacts

Mark contacts as VIP, so the call goes straight to you... read more.

Block callers

Block anyone you don't want us, or yourself to speak to.

Edit your instructions

Update your receptionist instantly with relevant instructions.

Mark as important

Priorotise messages with a single tap on the flag next to the message.

Call Recording

Listen to the call recording answered on your behalf. Download it anytime.

Quick Callback & Email

Easily call back or email the caller with a single tap.

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Available on Apple iOS & Android.

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