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Virtual PA for your
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Virtual PA services are cost-effective and contribute to your customers’ positive experience with your company.

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Pocket Receptionist’s professional in-house staff offer PA services whenever you need them.

Optimize your performance with
our experienced virtual PAs

Pocket Receptionist provides our clients with practical PA service to relieve them of the urge to employ full-time receptionists. Our virtual PAs are vastly experienced and are at your disposal any time you need them.

Instead of paying to a receptionist who spends 75% of their day just waiting for the next call, you can outsource this function by having a virtual assistant working from our office.

Let your customers speak
to a real human

Callers prefer speaking with a company representative than getting blocked by a voicemail. This is the reason why it is important to provide a human answer to your clients’ calls. People are usually unwilling to leave voicemail and this leads to business losses, estimated at £1200 for a single missed call.

Your virtual PA will build rapport with your potential clients and increase your sales prospects. Let him draw an immaculate image of your business in your customers’ eyes (and ears).

Stay in tune with technology and choose a
virtual PA with Pocket Receptionist

Move your business forward, increase your sales and don’t miss precious
opportunities with our PA services. Don’t lag behind thousands of UK
small businesses who have already employed a virtual assistant.

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If you give the receptionist your email address, you’ll be sent a transcript of the conversation you’ve just had and
the call recording.

The set up is very simple

Set your telephone answering service with you over
the phone 0333 335 0220.

Our offices are open Mon to Fri (7am - 11pm) Sat & Sun (9am - 5pm).

We only require your basic details and a preferred greeting for us to start handling your calls. The service can be set up and we can be handling your calls in minutes.

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You can also call 0800 009 6555 or email [email protected]

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