Kendlebell vs Pocket Receptionist

Who is Kendlebell?

Kendlebell provide telephone answering services mainly to small UK businesses. Kendlebell require no setup fee, and you can first try their service for 14 days for free. The calls you receive can be forwarded to you at 10p / minute, or you can receive immediate email or SMS alerts for free.

Kendlebell tariffs

There are three packages you can choose from Kendlebell.

Kendlebell PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go) Package

The PAYG (Pay-as-you-go) plan has no monthly fee, or inclusive minutes. However, there is a minimum payment of £10 that has to be made, regardless of the minutes you have talked.

Kendlebell charge per second and the rate for the PAYG package is 3.16p / second.

Kendlebell Starter Package

Kendlebell Starter tariff costs £36 per month and has 15 inclusive minutes. Additional calls are charged 1.79p / second.

Kendlebell Business Package

The Business package is priced at £52 per month, includes 25 inbound minutes and extra calls cost 1.59p / second. The significant difference between this package and the other two, is that the user can set up to 5 separate divert numbers. With the PAYG and Starter packages, you can have just one number to divert your incoming calls to.

Kendlebell vs. Pocket Receptionist pricing analysis

Kerndlebell is the considerably more expensive product of the two. Even if you opt for the PAYG tariff which start from just £10, it covers few calls, as the charge per minute for this package is approximately £1.90. And most calls last almost 2 minutes, which makes the plan costly if your business takes many calls.

The other two packages Starter and Business do not include too many minutes, either but their monthly fees are quite high - £36 and £52 respectively. To put this into perspective, 25 minutes could equal a maximum of 15 calls, and for these Pocket Receptionist has its PR15 package priced at £35 per month. In comparison, Kendlebell’s Business tariff costs £52.

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