ReceptionHQ vs Pocket Receptionist

Who are ReceptionHQ?

ReceptionistHQ is a telephone answering service company established in Australia in 2003, and launched in the UK in 2010.

ReceptionHQ services

ReceptionistHQ have three levels of services, depending on the extent of integration your virtual receptionist can have to your business. The customers can opt for MessageExpress (a simple message taking service), MyReceptionist (giving you the opportunity to have your incoming calls transferred to you), or MyAssistant (a virtual PA offering vital support to the day-to-day management of the business).


With MessageExpress, users can rely only on having their calls answered in their company’s name. Then call information is passed to them via email or SMS. The three pricing plans of the service are outlined below:

MessageExpress 25 - £20 / month; 25 calls per month; 85p / excess call; free email and SMS delivery

MessageExpress 50 - £35 / month; 50 calls per month; 85p / excess call; free email and SMS delivery

MessageExpress 100 - £60 / month; 100 calls per month; 85p / excess call; free email and SMS delivery


MyReceptionist allows devising your own script for the receptionists to follow, and they can then transfer the calls to you if you want.

The pricing packages you can choose from are four:

Pay as you go - £10 / month + £1 / call

My Receptionist 25 - £25 / month (25 calls included); £1 / excess call

My Receptionist 50 - £45 / month (50 calls included); £1 / excess call

My Receptionist 100 - £90 / month (100 calls included); £1 / excess call


Choosing MyAssistant allows the client to use the full potential of ReceptionHQ services, as their new virtual receptionist will be able to act as a competent personal assistant, take orders, answer questions and manage the user’s calendar.

It is a pay as you go service, charging per minute.

Unlike the other two services, MyAssistant has a one-off setup fee of £20. The monthly cost is also £20, and the charge per minute is 79p.

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Comparative analysis between Pocket Receptionist and ReceptionHQ

At Pocket Receptionist we do not place our call answering features in different pricing categories. We offer wholesome virtual PA services to every customer, and our receptionists can become a practical extension to your business at no extra costs. With ReceptionHQ, it is only their most advanced product MyAssistant that lets the customers benefit from their most well-developed service.

While call transferring is a useful tool, we believe that you should be allowed to focus on other aspects of your business, instead of having to deal with some of the calls yourself. And having a receptionist only to take messages for you, is not enough, either. The change is made when you have someone who knows your business inside-out and is able to give decisive support to your ventures. These considerations lead us to think that the first two services by ReceptionHQ – MessageExpress and MyReceptionist, do not present you with the most you can get from a live call answering service.

This leaves us MyAssistant to compare with, especially in terms of pricing. As ReceptionHQ charge per minute for MyAssistant, we have to roughly convert how many calls can be held in the span of a set number of minutes, to offer a clearer understanding of the pricing differences between Pocket Receptionist and ReceptionHQ.

On average, one business phone call lasts about 2 minutes, which means that 50-60 calls could be taken in 100 minutes. ReceptionHQ charge 79p per minute, which makes it £79 per 100 minutes plus the £20 monthly fee, so you will have to pay at least £99 for up to 60 calls taken. In comparison, our PR60 package, also including 60 calls, is priced at £87 per month.

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