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5 Reasons Why Call Answering Services are Perfect for Tradesmen

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Most tradesmen will tell you that one of the biggest problems they face is missed calls. Many work alone and advertise their mobile number but are generally too busy to answer their calls – sound familiar?

There is a solution to this which many of your competitors are using already – Call Answering Services. Below are some of the reasons you should perhaps consider this for your business too.

1) Distractions cost time & money

There is nothing more distracting than your mobile phone ringing off the hook when you are trying to get a job completed. Having a call handling team answering your calls and taking messages for you will ensure that you are not slowed down and will help to avoid potentially time consuming and costly mistakes. Completing jobs on time will also enable you to book more work in.

2) Missed calls = Missed Sales

Most people will call the first company listed when looking for a tradesman on Google or in their local newspaper; if their call is unanswered, they will simply move down the list. When you consider how much money gets spent on advertising; especially when paying for top spot position to get seen first, it’s crazy to then miss potential sales calls because you are too busy. Having a team of receptionists acknowledging these callers and capturing those all-important details for you will significantly improve your chances of winning more work.

3) Complaints & Your Reputation

One of the most frustrating things from the point of view of a customer, is poor customer service – particularly if they are being kept waiting or ignored. If a customer needs to get something resolved or if they have a complaint, it needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently and call handling staff are trained to assist with this. No company can escape the odd customer complaint - it’s how the complaint is handled that will protect the reputation of the company and stop things escalating. Not something to be taken lightly what with social media platforms and online reviews being at the centre of most purchasing decisions.

4) Your Evenings & Weekends

Have you thought about how much time you spend of an evening or weekend going through your missed call list and voicemails? How many of these calls are actually work related and of any value? Surely it would be a lot easier if you had a complete list of the days messages in front of you each evening. You would have easy access to the date and time of the call, the nature of the call and the individuals contact details. This way you can efficiently prioritise your call backs as well as prepare and gather everything you need prior to calling.

5) Stop avoiding that well deserved break!

Taking time off when you are self-employed is not only costly but daunting. Who is going to take care of things whilst you are away? It’s sod’s law, that the big job you have been waiting to hear about will come in during that long awaited two week break you have been promising yourself! Employing a team like Pocket Receptionist will ensure that all of your calls are answered during this time allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself! You can leave instructions to the call handling team before you go away so if you are waiting on some important calls you could even ask to have them transferred to you and then messages taken for everything else!

Can you really afford to keep missing calls?

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