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5 Reasons Why Call Answering Services Are Perfect For Estate Agents

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Owning your own Estate Agency means that your days are likely to be busy with existing homeowners, potential buyers and viewings which can lead to you being unable to take those all-important calls for potential new listings or buyers wishing to view a property – resulting in possible lost business.

Your business image is of utmost importance to you, but are your phone options giving you the flexibility you desire without compromising your professionalism.

There is a solution to help your business that many of your competitors are using already – Call Answering Services. Below are some of the reasons you should perhaps consider this for your business too.

1. You can’t be in two places at once

There is nothing more frustrating from a seller or potential purchasers point of view than calling an Estate Agents and not having the call answered. You may be on other calls, or out attending viewings with no-one in your office to take calls. By having a call handling team answering calls and taking messages for you, you will ensure that you don’t miss those important calls. Let the team handling your calls book appointments into your diary too – making sure you don’t miss potential business.

2. Satellite offices = additional staff to take calls

Do you have a satellite office that isn’t manned all the time? Let the calls overflow to a call handling team who will be able to act as the reception team for that office, booking in appointments and dealing with queries on your behalf.

3. Your business reputation

By having a call handling team to take calls when you are unable improves your business image and therefore your reputation, as calls are always answered, and callers feel their query is being dealt with. One of the most frustrating things for both buyers and sellers alike, is poor customer service – particularly if they are being kept waiting or feel they are being ignored when such large sums of money are involved in the house buying process. If there are questions or something that needs to be resolved, it needs to be dealt with quickly and efficiently and call handling staff are trained to assist with this.

4. Increased competition

With the emergence of a new wave of estate agents being online only, there is more and more competition for you to deal with. To ensure that you compete effectively you need to be responsive to any enquiries. By using a call handling service that understands your business, many initial questions can be answered by the team ensuring that a good first impression is made and that you don’t lose out to the competition – leaving you to concentrate on the face to face meetings.

5. Stop avoiding that well deserved break!

Taking time off when you are self-employed is not only costly but daunting. Who is going to take care of things whilst you are away? It is typical that a prestige property you have been waiting to hear about will come in during that long awaited two week break you have been promising yourself!

Employing a team like Pocket Receptionist will ensure that all of your calls are answered during this time allowing you to relax and enjoy yourself! You can leave instructions to the call handling team before you go away so if you are waiting on some important calls you could even ask to have them transferred to you and then messages taken for everything else!

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