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Telephone Answering Receptionist
Telephone Answering Receptionist

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UK office based receptionists

All of our receptionist are UK office based. All agents have a british accent.

Dedicated receptionist team

We have a highly trained, professional call agents to handle calls on your behalf. It's like we're part of your business.

Take messages or transfer call

Depending on your instructions given when you setup your account, we can either take a message on your behalf or we can transfer the caller directly to you.

Ability to block nuisance calls

Our service gives you a simple way to block pesky cold callers.

Android & iPhone app

Receive in real-time messages about calls, block callers, contact our team and many more... via our FREE Android & iOS app.

Call recording

Calls can be recorded so you can listen and download them. Perfect for any client disputes.

Email & SMS Alerts

We will send you an SMS when we've taken a message on your behalf, or if there is a caller that you need to callback.

Dedicated account manager

You will have a single point of contact at Pocket Receptionist for any account queries or questions that you may have.

Opening hours

Available Mon to Friday, 7am to 11pm and Weekends 9am to 5pm.

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telephone answering service

What is it like to have a live telephone answering service?

It's just like having a receptionist in your pocket

Your new receptionists understand your business and handle the calls you can’t or don’t want to answer. You can also have us answer all of your calls if that suits you best.

Our receptionists will take the message for you and either transfer the call directly to you or send you a message via SMS, email or to your Pocket Receptionist smartphone app.

With Pocket Receptionist you are guaranteed to never miss a sale or business opportunity of any sort. It will help you win businesses, too, by dealing with calls you might have been missing before. You can make the most of having a real human answering your phone live and give your business a professional image.

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Or call us for free on 0800 009 6093.

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Thousands of successful UK businesses already use telephone answering service to handle their calls for them and provide a professional service to their customers.
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Or call us for free on 0800 009 6093.