Work smart with our telephone answering service

Pocket Receptionist is the UK’s fastest growing call answering service

By utilising our technical infrastructure and our dedicated experienced team of receptionists, your callers will receive a positive call experience and you can be confident that no calls will be missed.

With rising wages and advertising costs it’s never been more important to focus on employee efficiency and ‘smart working’ practices to reduce company's fixed costs and improve the customer offering.

By outsourcing elements of your business you will see a marked improvement in efficiencies and a reduction in your wage costs.

By working smart we:

  • Provide constant phone cover with no gaps in the working day
  • Utilise advanced call handling technology for a seamless solution
  • Handle call peaks and busy periods without an increase in staff costs
  • Provide 100% of all phone messages and call redirects in an easy to manage way
  • Utilise our highly trained team to give your callers a positive experience
  • Respond to changes in your business environment instantly and with no fuss

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The set up is very simple

You can either set your telephone answering service up online or one of our team can set this up with you over the phone 0800 009 6555.
Our offices are open Monday to Friday 8:30am - 6pm.

We only require your basic details and a preferred greeting for us to start handling your calls. The service can be set up and we can be handling your calls in minutes.

Test it for yourself right now

You can call our test line on 0333 335 0220 to experience how a live call is handled.

If you give the receptionist your email address, you’ll be sent a transcript of the conversation you’ve just had and the call recording.

Many smart business tools come at a cost.
Pocket receptionist can offer powerful improvements whilst reducing your fixed costs

  • Outsourcing your reception services could save you 98.5% of the cost of employment
  • Calls surges, disaster recovery and holiday cover can all be covered with one solution and at no additional cost
  • On average your in-house receptionist spends just 23% of their time handling calls

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