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Specialist Call Answering Teams for Industries

Pocket Receptionist use industry specific teams so your callers get an exceptional experience.

We have the experience and knowledge of your specific industry

Our teams are experienced enough to understand and respond to the specific questions used within your industry. This gives your callers the feeling of confidence that they are being understood whilst reinforcing the professionalism of your business.

By working with people who know your industry, you’ll get:

  • Confidence & peace of mind your calls are being handled correctly
  • Professional, unflustered service answering frequently asked questions
  • Credibility with your customers that we know our stuff
  • The appearance we’re part of your team
  • Quick setup with little or no training for what you do

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A team of receptionists who know’s your industry

Here is a list of some the specialist industries we cater for:


We can take the relevant details of a caller looking to purchase a property and email these requirements through to the office whilst transferring anyone with a property to sell. Even if it’s late in the evening or on a weekend.


Prioritise who you speak to and when, filter out cold and nuisance callers and save call recordings for later use. Send individual messages through to specific team members and ensure you capture any new clients.


We will use a list of your most frequently asked questions to resolve 90% of the inbound questions, whist pre-qualifying any new customers prior to transfer.


We can book customers in using your hosted calendar or booking system as well as responding with a comprehensive list of your most frequently asked questions.

Tech Companies

We will filter out any cold or nuisance calls whilst ensuring you capture any new potential customers. You’re then able to work undisturbed and can contact callers back when you’re free.


Reduce shopping cart abandonment with dedicated live chat and improve your customer services and reviews without the expense of employing more staff.


Competition in recruitment is high and missing a call could mean losing a brand new client or equally, a high-demand candidate.

Driving Schools

It’s distracting taking calls when you’re out on the road and ensuring you have someone to take your calls all day can be a burden.

Repair & Maintenance

Providing a first class, friendly and professional service ensures that your customers keep coming back time and time again.

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You can also call 0800 009 6555 or email [email protected]

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