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How much is a Call Answering Service?


You choose a bundle that’s most appropriate to the level of calls you think you’ll take. Our support team can help you to discern this.

Often, using a call answering service means you’ll receive fewer calls overall, as all calls are answered, which eliminates multiple calls from the same person.

If you usually take 300 calls in a month and choose the PR300 package, we will resource the availability of your dedicated receptionist to take 300 calls for your company. Even If you take less calls, we will physically resource the availability to take those 300 calls.

Additional call charges

Over 90% of the calls we take are usually under 2 minutes in call length. For any calls exceeding 2 minutes, an additional, minimum, charge of 0.99p per minute or part thereof is applied to your account.

Out of bundle calls

The out of bundle cost can be higher than your per call cost because we have to dynamically resource staff to cover these additional calls.

Sometimes it can be more cost-effective to be on a higher bundle but we will always aim to choose the most cost-effective package for your business. If your call rate decreases, then you can change package to next available package once in any three month period.

Additional charges

If you have any “out of bundle calls”, “additional call charges” or “call transfers” these will be applied to your account. We’ll then send you a monthly statement, outlining these charges together with a list of calls that you’re not charged for such as blocked cold calls, test calls, wrong numbers etc. VAT Invoices can be easily downloaded from your online portal.

Call Transfer

If we transfer a call to you based on your call instructions, these calls are charged at 8p per minute to a landline and 17p per minute to a mobile. This is cheaper than BT’s standard redirect call rate.

SMS Message notifications

All SMS notifications are optional and free on accounts with a package PR200 and above. Any smaller package accounts will be charged 10p per SMS.

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