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How will a virtual receptionist answer my calls?

Our receptionists will use your preferred greeting: – for example:

Good Morning. Thank you for calling *Your Company Name*, You’re through to *Receptionists name*, How may I help you?

Typically, you’ll fall into one of three categories:

Do Not Transfer My Calls

We’ll take all your calls and send you the information on these in real-time via emails or through the App so that you can decide who to call back and when. This is perfect for people who are very busy or those who receive a lot of spam calls. Example instructions:

  • Do not transfer my calls
  • Highlight any spam or cold calls
  • Mark anything from my Solicitors as a priority
Transfer Important Calls Only

We’ll take messages for most of your calls and only transfer the important ones. This is perfect if you receive sales enquires or maybe urgent support calls. Example instructions:

  • Transfer sales calls only, either someone looking to buy or asking for a price
  • For any support issues, transfer to Penny on 01234567890
Transfer All Calls

We will transfer all of your calls to you or the relevant member of your team. This is perfect if you have a mobile team and you want a consolidated business feel. Example instructions:

  • Transfer all my calls
  • Any accountancy enquiries are to be emailed to Simon at simon@example.com
  • Any sales calls, transfer to Jennifer on 07123456789
  • Any calls from Globo Corp transfer directly to me on 07987654321
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