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6 Reasons To Use Call Recording

Written by Pocket Receptionist on 16th October, 2017

Call recording is a useful feature for businesses who want to keep firm control of their phone communications. From not missing important details to sophisticated product development, recording your calls may have a wider impact on your business than you dare consider.

Capture key details

The most immediate positive effect of call recording is that you get the ability to listen to past conversations and verify the information exchanged in them. Processing the correct details is often the most significant part of a phone call. After all, when a client calls, they expect to have all their information entered accurately. For example, if they are placing an order or making an appointment, there is a lot of details to be taken up. These could be the name of the caller, their phone number, address, and possibly payment details. And it might occur that the line is bad or the customer is not speaking very clearly. In those cases, the back-up plan is mandatory. The call record could save the day and clarify any misunderstandings.

Call records for legal records

Keeping records of previous calls is not a wishful recommendation, but rather a necessity for businesses. The presence of call history and transcripts adds an extra layer of security against possible legal complications, caused by miscommunication between the parties involved. If, for example, a client claims to have had their order wrongfully taken, and you are 100% sure that the error is not on your end, you have a powerful weapon to prove that. In such unwelcome cases, you ought to be ready to offer a detailed correspondence history to defend your point.

Train new staff

Call records are helpful when bringing new people to the team. Examples of outstanding customer service delivery will help the new team members understand quicker what is expected from them. It is usually easier to show than explain what you want to see from your staff, and exemplary works of dealing with a customer are handy on these occasions. Those could serve as a blueprint for the customer service standard you are striving to achieve. It is not to be forgotten that such examples could also be used as a motivational trigger for customer service agents who want to progress in their job.

Monitor agents’ performance

You can use call recording not just to train your new staff members but also to monitor everyone’s performance on a regular basis. Maintaining a first-class call centre involves constant work with the operators, and evaluation of their performance. When listening to call records, a competent manager should be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses displayed by their employees in different situations. This way it will be easier to single out the key points an agent needs to address, in order to improve their overall performance.

Analyse customer behaviour

Call records present a fantastic opportunity for every business, regardless of its size, to get to know their customers better. By listening to and analysing hundreds of calls, you could identify patterns of your callers’ behaviour, which will help you prepare better for future phone conversations. It is exciting of psychological point of view to learn more about the drivers of customer behaviour. If done right, call transcripts can provide a solid ground for your future customer service improvements. For example, you can optimise your marketing strategy if you find that many customers ask the same questions. Then it will be self-evident that you should direct your attention towards satisfying their needs.

Raise product / service quality

Similar to the previous point, collating an extensive database of call records will allow you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your product or service. Once this has been done, you have to address these points adequately, so you can increase the value of your commodity. Call records can help you facilitate the process of receiving free feedback from the people whose opinion matters the most – your customers. This way you will practically involve them in the development of your products, and foster the bond between you. ‹ Back
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