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Is It Time to Outsource to a Telephone Answering Service?

Written by Pocket Receptionist on 11th January, 2022

Businesses outsourcing their call handling to a telephone answering service is becoming more common. You may be wondering if your business is too small but whether you are a one-man-band or a big corporation, you can substantially benefit from outsourcing this service. One of the top reasons for outsourcing to a call answering service is that it’s a cost-effective alternative to hiring your own team of receptionists. For a fraction of the price, you can have a dedicated team of call agents who spend time getting to know your company and how to answer your calls, your way. Call handling may seem to be an easy element that comes with running your own business. But it has proven to be essential in providing customer satisfaction. Everything from how quickly you answer their calls, how helpful the call agents are, to the level of competence, it all comes as part of the package. Here are a few reasons why you should start outsourcing your call handling to a virtual receptionist:

Improve Business Reputation with a Call Answering Service

A receptionist is key to any successful business, as they must develop trust between themselves and your clients. Having a team of receptionists ready to answer your calls quickly, not only presents your business as being on its toes but also increases your professional image. After all, you wouldn’t stick around with a company that you struggle reaching quickly when you need them most.

Never Miss a Call Again

Whether you are running a small business single handily or have a big team, no one can be available 24/7. But what happens if you’re unable to answer your customer calls? They are far more likely to hang up and go to one of your competitors instead, rather than leaving a voicemail and wait to be contacted. By outsourcing a telephone answering service, it ensures that your business will never miss out on important calls.

No Need to Invest in Employee Training

So, you have started your business and now you need to build a team of call handlers. This involves high costs and a lot of time and effort. From advertising jobs, screening applicants to conducting interviews, it is a lot to fit in. But even when you have successfully completed the hiring process, it’s not over. You then need to train the team and hire people to manage your new team of call handlers. Along with considering who’s going to handle their calls if someone is off sick, it’s an awful lot to think about. Say goodbye to the expensive and time-consuming hiring process. For most businesses, a call answering service is a cheaper and far more efficient alternative. Here at Pocket Receptionist, we provide call answering services to all types and sizes of business. You choose what calls we answer and how exactly how we deal with every type of call. Contact us on 0800 009 6555 for a free consultation to tell us about your requirements. Our friendly sales team will advise you on how we can improve the productivity of your business. ‹ Back
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