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Ensure Business Continuity With These Tools

Written by Pocket Receptionist on 24th March, 2020

About three years ago I wrote a blog about disaster recovery; a light-hearted tome about having a back-up plan for if your business was hit by unusual and unforeseen circumstances. Wise words at the time but who could have imagined the disastrous scenario the whole world is currently facing? Currently it feels like the world is in chaos and it’s hard to know what to do. With regard to your business the key is to try to adapt quickly and get all the help you can. How can we help? In lots of ways!

Pocket Receptionist – telephone answering service Call 0800 009 6555

  • If you’re unable to answer your business calls, the Pocket Receptionist team can do that for you. Guarantee your customer can speak to ‘a human’ with messages forwarded to you in real-time.
  • Want to be able to fend off an influx of Corona enquiries? The Pocket team can do that for you allowing you time to focus on your work/business

SwitchboardFREE – virtual telephone numbers Call 0203 189 1213

  • Working from home and don’t want to give out your home number or mobile number? We have a great selection of telephone numbers with quick and easy sign-up so you can still operate your business with some sense of normality
  • Homeworking and want to call your customers using your business number? We can help with that too with our outbound VoIP service. Simple, professional and flexible
  • Community Support Line: if you are part of a community group, parish council or neighbourhood watch group you may wish to consider taking up our FREE option of setting up a support telephone line. Aimed at keeping vulnerable people in touch, setting up a support line could literally save lives
  • Want to set up an automated message for your customers to hear? We can set up a number and record the automated message for you so that your calls can be intercepted if you’re unable to get to them

Con-Flab – free, easy conference calling service www.con-flab.co.uk

  • Stay in contact with friends and family during the Corona virus outbreak, it’s free to use for a group chat!
  • Working from home? Are your colleagues working from home? You may still need to hold meetings and you can do so within minutes with Con-Flab
  • TEACHERS! Stay in contact with colleagues, parents and kids to help with schooling during isolation
There are many other benefits to be gained from our services, too numerous to mention here. Much the same as anyone we are striving to keep people in contact and functioning on at least a basic level. Call our friendly team for a chat and for further information! Remember, as someone once said ‘it’s good to talk!’ www.switchboardfree.co.uk
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