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How a Call Answering Service Can Help You Run a Marketing Campaign

Written by Pocket Receptionist on 7th January, 2023

Marketing campaigns are designed to build brand awareness, increase engagement, and boost sales. But with any successful campaign comes a surge of inbound enquiries and interest. So, how do you increase your capacity for inbound enquiries while capturing leads that were generated by your campaign? To meet the demand that your marketing campaign has created, you must be ready to respond to every lead in good time. A solution to this is outsourcing to a call answering service. Not only can they take care of your inbound calls, but they will also be able to manage your live chat to ensure every channel is covered. In return, your team will have the capacity to focus on converting the leads.

Omni-Channel Coverage

To help place agents in the correct places, you need to identify bottlenecks and be prepared for where your traffic will increase. Are you trying to boost website sign-ups? If so, you need to consider if someone will be available to greet your website visitors and offer guidance. You might think that your website is self-explanatory but there is real value in offering live chat support. Are you launching a social media campaign? If your social media engagement will increase, your answering service can integrate your live chat with your social media channels to ensure no platform is missed.

Capture and Convert Leads

As leads come in, you will need to separate the prospects so you can meet their needs and direct them to the most appropriate team member. Consider the questions you need your call answering service agents to ask leads in order to qualify them.

Boost sales

As long as you can provide your call answering service team with the right script and call-handling instructions, they will use their skills and experience to sell your products and services to your callers. When you have a launch date, make sure that you let your answering service know this in advance of the campaign. This will allow them to ensure they have enough agents to handle the additional calls and they can familiarise themselves with any updates to your call-handling instructions. Should they need to train any agents, this will give them ample time to do so. Other instructions to consider are:
  • Check your call & live chat coverage hours are up to date
  • Amend call transfer instructions, if necessary
  • Identify when a message should be taken or when a call should be transferred
  • Provide a timescale for customers to expect a callback
  • Consider if you need your answering service to process orders and payments

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