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Maximise Live Chat on Your Website

Written by Pocket Receptionist on 11th December, 2022

So, you have decided to add a live chat widget to your website, but what happens now? You are now tasked with making sure that it’s bringing you business and that you’re getting the most out of the service. Live chat has a lot of benefits to offer but you need to know how to maximise it to its full potential. Here are some ideas on how to make sure you are maximising live chat on your website.

Review Activity

As enquiries come in, keep track of what your visitors are asking to create a list of common issues. Armed with a list of issues and questions that your customers are addressing with you; you can translate these into content ideas. For example, if visitors are regularly enquiring about whether you have a dedicated phone app, you know it’s not clear on the website. You can then add this to your web content, social media posts, email marketing, and more. Listen to what your customers are telling you, not only does it help resolve their issue or question there and then, but it also helps you to identify any gaps in your content and marketing.

Decide What You Want from Live Chat

To make sure you’re getting the most from your live chat service, you need to outline exactly what you want to achieve. Are you generating leads? Will you aim to resolve customer queries? Are you looking to boost sales?

Consider Your Hours of Coverage

With technological advancements and ever-evolving tech, customers expect you to be available when they need you. For this reason, you need to offer as much coverage as possible to make your customers feel valued.

Understand Your Audience

Before you launch your live chat widget, you need to identify which segment of your audience you will reach by placing it on your website. While you should never lose sight of this, you should also understand that this may change in time. For example, who you wanted to target with your live chat and who ends up using it may look different in 6 months. With this in mind, you need to be ready to adjust how your live chats are handled.

Every Interaction Counts

When setting up your live chat service, you need to decide what details you require from your customers. You should consider:
  • Do you need a phone number or an email address?
  • Will obtaining an address be helpful?
  • Are there any qualifying questions?
Alongside this, you should also think about the type of information your live chat agents can help offer advice on. If you have any frequently asked questions, arm your live chat agents with the best responses.

Performance Review

You should make it a priority to review how the live chat service has been performing after a set period of time. Is live chat generating business? Is it boosting and securing sales? Once you know how it’s performing, you will be able to make any adjustments where necessary. For example, you may discover that the wording needs to be updated. Perhaps the colour theme isn’t quite right, so it’s not attracting customers. Whatever needs to be updated, your performance review and reports will allow you to identify this.

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